Crochet, mushroom, cuddles the sheep, apple pie

New Beginnings, happy place

This is my first post. I am starting again and I am really excited to be creating again. I have been very busy as a teacher but I also want to express myself creatively. I have been completely in love with crochet. I want to crochet many things and have been trying to squeeze in small and cute projects, while some energy is with me. The crocheted mushroom was made completely on a whim last night and this morning, without a pattern, and with just a few yards of yarn. I love the mushroom, and it’s currently a door stop. I haven’t written on a blog for a couple of years, so, I am a bit rusty and this first post is a bit dry. But, I mean to improve through trial and error. Anyways, I going forward and giving this a go again. This is a place for me to document my favorite things that I love to do: crochet, cook, read cookbooks, draw, paint, color, and occasionally sew.



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