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After midnight, quiet snowfall

imageAfter an evening rest, hearing voices, pulled out of slumber, I am awake and greet my older children (grumbled more like) who have come home from their jobs and schools. I look out and see this snowy sight.

We have not had a true snowfall here yet in NYC, and it is has begun to cover this night like powdered sugar heavily dusting a delicious bake. Anyway, I didn’t feel like sleeping so I picked up my crochet hook to work on a capelet pattern from Lion Brand.


The yarn recommended is not the easiest to crochet with but I am pressing through it because I am excited to see the finished results.

Yesterday, while driving to and from work, I was listening to Abby Glassenberg’s “while she naps” podcast. She was speaking to the illustrator and writer of the book Sonya’s Chickens, Phoebe Wahl. Ms. Wahl is someone I have never heard of until the podcast but I truly enjoyed hearing her responses to the questions posed to her during the podcast (I feel redundant saying podcast just now) where she admits to the growth process an artist can go through and how we evolve throughout the process as we endeavor to establish ourselves (this is my take on it and not her exact words). I love podcasts and am sort of new to them. I listen to books and when I saw that Abby Glassenberg did podcasts with the craft community I began listening to those too. They are very inspiring and help me stay motivated and committed to my crafts.

This is my night with the soundless snowfall and the scrape of sanitation trucks clearing away the snow.

I am working on a mouse pattern of my own. It is an exploration for now. If I really love it , I will “do” something about it. I do have hopes for it though.



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