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Sometimes here and then not…

Just stopping by. It has been a rough school year, teaching and living that is. I just wanted to relax and unwind this summer and reflect (and PRAY) because sometimes you can have a great year which as I type those words I feel year is too much of a word to use. It doesn’t fit. It’s long, and each day from the Summer of 2015 until this Summer has been full of both blessings and trials. So, I just give thanks for each day and press on. There were award ceremonies, lots of baking cakes for work and friends, making things ( like this beret, which I will make a few more of), tears of pain and yelps for joy, a puppy comes and then I decide he must go (cute doesn’t do it for me alone- that little guy was work and he was off to obtain a new home), desire to volunteer because of the puppy, beach day (finally!),  pursuing Linked In and then trying to come to terms with every aspect of life. Wow! Adulthood is engrossing and an endeavor for sure! Joy and pain, I am thankful! My focus this year is to take a stand but in loving and peaceful portions. Be blessed!


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