Goals and I need to “get my life”

Happy Sunday, y’all!image

I am so happy about finding my favorite pastime show on Hulu. Yay! I have been on a “get your life” kick! But, at the same time, I have been caught between stay, no go, no stay, no go again hell! I am having a hard time making a serious life decision with my career. I am ready to go, but being practical, I am scared to jump ship. Immediately when I say this my mind tells me I know better than to think like this. I need not worry, God before me, fear aside! Fear not! Trust and have faith, you only get one life! I am waiting on the Lord and when it’s time I’ll be ready because He will have me ready. In the meantime, I work for my family and for me. Blogging sometimes sounds like babbling or thinking out loud to my friends. So, I have been working…


I have been making and creativity has been overflowing. There are times when there are ruts and there are geysers. I am in a geyser and I feel I can do just about anything! It’s at these times when my entrepreneur bursts forth! I see the me I hope to be! Or that I am! I just need to accept that I am already the entrepreneur!

Happy Sunday!


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